The world NEEDS you … NOW more than ever.

And, you need to BE SEEN to make a difference.

Which statement best describes you?

  • I’m tired of chasing clients who aren’t quite right or can’t/won’t pay to work with me.
  • I am crystal clear about how I help my clients … but I cannot seem to explain it in a way that makes me irresistible.
  • I’m just getting started and want to make sure I’m setting myself up for success!
  • I love my work and just wish my income would equal my level of effort.
  • I’m a best kept secret and I’m ready to be seen as the expert I am!

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Business?

Nice to meet you. 

Hi, I’m Colleen. I’ve been called a Brand Magician. I’m a Visionary and a Creative Intuitive. I speak both WOO and STRATEGY — and bring the two together to help you create a business that supports your people AND you!

I’ve owned my branding and design agency for more than 20 years and have been working in the marketing/ branding industry since 1994.

I use my persona-based Brand Essences to help coaches, healers and consultants who are looking to create a brand that really ATTRACTS and CONNECTS with their ideal audience.

I help you make a bigger IMPACT and more MONEY by being more YOU! 

I see you. It’s time the world does, too.

“My MISSION is to help 100k coaches & healers reveal their brilliance and build a successful business. You CAN make money while making a difference!” — Colleen Davis

Client Raves

“One of the benefits of completing the branding process is that I know myself and my work better now! I felt safe and seen with Colleen — and I was always excited to see the creative developments , because as the visual expression of my brand unfolded and expanded, so did I!”

— Susan Mason-Apps —

“I chose to invest in working with Colleen because she understands all facets of branding. It’s rare to find this combination of skill sets in one person.”

— Lisa Manyon —

“Colleen shows you how important it is for your personal brand to be aligned with who you are, who your clients are and what you do. It’s beyond just your logo and tagline — it’s about creating a magnetic brand. I highly recommend Colleen as a true Brand Magician! She is amazing.”

— Rosalie Wood —

“Colleen is fun and engaging to work with! She listens deeply and creates from an intuitive connection. I was also an integral part of the creation process — I felt heard and understood.”

— Lois Kniss —

“Colleen listened, paid attention to all my idiosyncrasies, and brought peace from all the pieces running around in my head. She genuinely cares about me and my business.”

— Debra Woog —

“My business has doubled since creating my brand expression with Colleen. And, having a solid and clear brand has made it possible to license my intellectual property to other coaches, many of whom also now make over six figures. I am I am eternally grateful!”

— Ronda Renée —

“I feel real. I feel legit. I feel like it all makes sense! Colleen is a great listener, she’s patient and helps you connect the dots.”

— Victoria Gaulrapp —

“I LOVE sharing my business. The feeling, the experience, the look … are better than I could have hoped for! Colleen truly is the Brand Magician. She just gets it … she listens, she feels, and she turns your vision into reality. Trust Colleen! She’ll make you look good … no, she’ll make you look phenomenal!”

— Joanna Shakti —

“Colleen is definitely a Brand Magician. Her insight into your company and what it really represent is unparalleled. The way she can quickly identify your avatars and the best branding to attract them is top-notch.”

— Terrie Ferguson —

“Colleen helped me get clear on what I was trying to achieve, helped with naming and tagline creation, and then brought my vision to life. I’ve gone from making $6k per year to consistent six figures since elevating my brand. Colleen really is a Brand Magician. I am thrilled to recommend her.”

— Aimee Phlegar —

“This has been an amazing process. Colleen takes something very vague and fuzzy and creates a simple, custom and actionable step-by-step plan. I’ve made leaps in my business!”

— Alana Fletcher —

“Working with Colleen REALLY helped me to gain the clarity I needed to nail down my brand. NOW it flows from one service to the next in a way that makes sense and attracts the right clients.”

— Colette Dautrich —

Imagine creating a brand that CONNECTS with your ideal audience in a way that instantly builds trust and rapport — making sales conversations a snap! Brand Essence can help you create that. 

Intentional Branding LLC - Brand Essences

Let’s Connect

Please reach out – to work together, partner on a project, or to just say hello. I’m located in Denver, Colorado, and work with clients, virtually, throughout the world. Call me at 720.560.0667, email or schedule a time to chat. 

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