Understood my vision immediately …

Michelle Thompson“I love how easily Colleen was able to capture my brand. She nailed it right away – as with other designers and branding companies, we went through several rounds and I remember thinking they just didn’t get it. Colleen understood my vision immediately and created visuals that I hadn’t even dreamed of. I was able to step back, relax and let her take charge. And I was so pleased with the outcome. The result is a brand that looks and sounds just like me and attracts my ideal clients. I have had many positive comments about the new branding from my clients – proving that we were right on target.”

— Michelle Thompson,

She really gets it …

Carla Bainbridge“Colleen always does an incredible job for us, whether it’s tweaking our messaging or creating new ways to reach our ideal clients. That’s why we rely on her, time and time again. We initially hired Colleen a few years ago to completely redesign our website and update our brand. She really ‘gets it’ … she listens and understands our goals. I love the fact that everything we need has been seamlessly integrated and it’s simple for our team to manage! Colleen is more like a partner to me than a vendor – she turned a potentially stressful and time-consuming project into a very worthwhile venture.”

— Carla Rutt Bainbridge, CEO
PredictiveProfiles.com / PredictiveTalent.com

Made the whole process so easy …

Terri Stevens“Colleen helped us create a brand for our start-up company. We were thrilled with the results! Colleen easily captured our ‘mind’s eye’ – the idea that your pets are part of your family, and we treat them like our family while they’re here. Our company branding represents our vision well – from the illustrated logo, to all of the fabulous marketing materials, photos, and signage around and in the resort. It all conveys and reinforces our message so effectively – to both staff and to our wonderful clients. Colleen is a pleasure to work with and makes the whole process so easy. I know her expertise and talent has played a part in our success!”

— Terri Stevens, owner
Maryland Shore Pet Resort

A one-stop shop …

Alana Fletcher“Colleen helped me get crystal clear about our target market and what we offer them. She has been there every step of the way – from helping define various target markets, to creating the entire marketing strategy. She always has great feedback and asks targeted and thought-provoking questions. In addition to being a strategic thinker, she’s an exceptional copywriter and designer. She’s really a one-stop shop. This has been an amazing process. Colleen takes something very vague and fuzzy and creates a simple, custom and actionable step-by-step plan. I’ve made leaps in my business!”

— Alana Fletcher, owner

An invaluable resource …

Regina Barr“I’ve worked with Colleen for more than a decade – as a client, and as a partner on a variety of projects. And, the common denominator among the many projects we’ve done together is that they always have one outcome: success! She has become an invaluable resource for me and is able to step into the minds of my customers and has helped tremendously with everything from brand and market positioning to product offerings, pricing and more. I recommend Colleen’s expertise and highly attentive service to anyone looking to strategically create and build a successful business. You’ll get exactly what you need, but you’ll also learn a lot about your own business and customers in the process. That’s simply invaluable.”

— Regina Barr, RedLadder.com