Meet ColleenColleen Davis

Colleen Davis has a proven track record of helping her clients increase sales and opportunities – and grow their businesses through strategic brand development and effective collateral design. She is known as the brand whisperer because she works with you to discover and create a powerful visual expression of your purpose, so that you attract and compel your ideal clients. You can have all the pretty pictures in the world – and if your branding isn’t aligned with who you are, you’re not going to reach the right people. (Let’s take care of that.)

Colleen has more than 23 years of industry experience working with a variety of businesses – as designer, art director, creative director, project manager and business owner. Upon finishing college, she spent five years in corporate, including working as a graphic designer for the Girl Scouts and as an art director for American Express Financial Advisors (now Ameriprise), before launching her own business in 1998.

Her primary focus has always been to create long-term relationships with her clients and the organizations that she partners with. She takes a genuine interest in your success and does everything she can to make you look good – from someone just seeing you for the first time, to long-term client and advocate.

Colleen’s specialty is to create a magical client experience, unique to your business – and then to build your entire brand to serve that experience. That includes all the visuals (identity, website, marketing collateral, etc.) you’ll ever need. She has a proven track record of being highly organized and reliable. She meets deadlines and delivers excellence, time and time again. (Read what clients say.)

Through collaborating with a team of specialists, Colleen brings together the skills and expertise of many (including business strategy, illustration, marketing, copy/content, coding, legal and more) so she can meet your unique and specific needs. Throughout this process, she continues to utilize her extensive creative background and talent to ensure that each and every project meets the HIGHEST quality standards.

Colleen has earned a variety of awards and recognitions, including AIGA Minnesota Design Excellence recognition, National Council for Marketing & Public Relations (Paragon Gold Award) and Financial Women International (Partner in Success).

On a personal note … Colleen is originally from Duluth, Minnesota – where the tip of the ‘wolf’s nose’ of Lake Superior meets land. She lived in the Twin Cities for many years before relocating to the Boise, Idaho area in 2007. In her spare time, she enjoys walking and being in nature, spending time with friends and family (and her cat), deep thinking, personal/spiritual growth, repurposing furniture/décor, mosaics, jewelry and just about anything involving color.